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Retrofit is the future.

Plug your company into the next generation
The transportation industry accounts for 25% of global carbon emissions. Countries worldwide are struggling with the same problem: How to develop sustainably? By 2025, several European countries have set up goals for fossil-free transportation. We at E-Motion are already prepared to meet the challenge.
Entering the era of Zero-Emissions

Applications Of E-Motion Retrofit

Cost Reduction

Economical Savings

Based on the chosen model and usage (number of kilometers driven per year), you can estimate how long it will take to get your money back. It can be less than 24 months if used intensively.
No Fuel Costs
No Maintenance Costs
No trips to the fuel station
Calculation of CO2

Ecological Savings

The transportation industry is the world's leading source of CO2 emissions. A car releases a significant amount of CO2 during its life (50% while manufacturing the car and 50% in operating the car for 15 to 20 years).
With retrofit, we save the first 50%
With retrofit, we also save the second 50%
A whole new range of possibilities

For Your Safari Vehicles

Why Electric Safari Vehicles

Are the Next Revolution

Easy to Operate

Driving an electric vehicle is remarkably simple, smooth, and quiet. Simply press the ON button to begin driving.

Safari Experience

Complete silent propulsion allows you to travel in denser and sensitive areas, getting closer to the wildlife.

Robust Reliability

Vehicles are both water and dust resistant, with the ability to run 4-wheel drive in any terrain with increased power and torque.

Fast Charging

Rapid, fully automatic, and reliable charging lets you stay on track with your schedule.

Operational Costs

Improved equity and cash flow, as well as decreased financial and maintenance costs, support the operations.

Future Standard

The path to sustainable tourism is paved with e-mobility. E-Motion will help you handle the technical transformation safely.

Solid proof technology

We  provide the most efficient technological EV conversion solutions by working with an experience team and using the best components.

Meet The Team

Together with our partners, we are championing retrofitting.
Hanspaul Group has vast expertise stretching back to over 40 years in various manufacturing industries. In their automobile division, they have specialized in the fabrication of customized safari vehicle bodies for the tourism industry.
Gadgetronix (GX) is an award-winning, reliable and by far the most reputable company for green energy solutions in Tanzania. They have installed solar farms of up to 1MW nationwide to take hundreds of companies off-grid.
Carwatt is a leading French tech company dedicated to decarbonizing mobility through the circular economy conversion of industrial and transport vehicles from combustion to electric Engineering.
As a member of E-Motion's board of directors, ATC is assisting the project by providing experience, research, and practical work to prepare students for a sustainable future. New technology for a new generation.