New Technology
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Look ahead to the future of mobility through our 100% electric converted vehicles 

Convert your safari car into an EV

Switching to electric has never been so easy. Plug yourself and your company into the next generation.
120 - 180 km
Charge Time
4 - 13 Hrs
Max Speed
90 km/h
Specialized In 

Main Components

Your vehicle will be converted by replacing three key elements

Battery System

We only used latest generation of high performance and durable batteries specially design for automobiles.

Electric Motor

The gasoline engine of your old car is replaced by an electric motor which gets its power from a controller.

On Board Charger

The onboard charger converts the AC power into DC energy so that it can be stored in the battery.

Why Choosing e-Motion?

The vehicles are very simple to troubleshoot and work around, In the northern circuit we are working on building charging stations as well as instant support

Zero Emissions

Who cannot be concerned with climate change today?. Each converted vehicle will save tons of CO2 every year.

Cost Reduction

Maintenance and fuel costs are the main reasons to choose electric over non-electric and start saving today.

Safe Driving

The electric engine is soft, powerful and reliable, speeds can be limited offering a comfortable and safe drive.

No Noise

For both your clients and wildlife, driving in a silent car makes a huge difference and more impressive experience.

Resurrect Old Fleet

Re-use and recycle your old car. This technology can be fitted on a 25-year-old car (or even older).

Conscious Business

Make a big difference over your competitors. Your international clients will sure love your approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my vehicle switches off in the middle of the bush?
E-Motion fits in high end monitoring equipment for the driver to see the current state of charge / range remaining to comfortably plan his trip. You can also have an optional on board battery pack / generator for emergency situations to rescue that moment.

The vehicles are very simple to troubleshoot and work around.

In the northern circuit we are working on building charging stations as well as instant support for any rescue situation, having current active bases in Manyara / Seronera / Kogatende and Ndutu during the seasons.
How well can the vehicles manouver muddy situations and what is the impact on the vehicle?
The vehicles are driven by a very high power motor and the 4WD will engage just as well as your Diesel engine. Range will reduce shall you be stuck for a long period, same way you would consume more fuel.
What is the warranty on the systems?
E-Motion provides a 2 Year limited warranty on all the components.
What other vehicle brands can be converted?
Currently, E-motion has successfully engineered Landcruiser 70 Series, R&D for Landrovers is on going and we should be ready for the Landrover lovers Q.4 2019. We are working hard to convert most 4x4 and utility vehicles. New products and improvements will be shared on our website.
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