Meet The Team

Together with our partners, we are championing retrofitting.
E-Motion is a concept incepted by its three founder companies – Hanspaul Group (Satbir Hanspaul), Carwatt (Gerard Feldzer), and Gadgetronix (Hasnain Sajan). Each of these companies brings a unique set of skills and expertise that build up the USP of what E-Motion offers. We also have an educational partner through whom we can build the required skills to service and maintain electric vehicles in-house in Tanzania – Arusha Technical College.
Hanspaul has been in business for over forty years. They diversified in the automobile industry specializing in fabrication of customized safari vehicle bodies as well as other special purpose cars. 
Carwatt is a technology-based company in France with an experience of 20 years in the automotive industry. The company has a vast working knowledge of electric cars and has retrofit several vehicles.
Gadgetronix is a company that deals with energy solutions in Tanzania. Its main project is solar energy, through which they have installed solar farms of up to 1MW, along with other notable projects.
Arusha Technical College is a member of E-Motion’s Board of Directors. Its input in the E-Motion brand is providing experience, research, and practical implementation to students.