January 3, 2022
1 min.

Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club’s (MKSC) efforts to reduce global pollution

The prominent club unveiled two electric cars in Serengeti National Park becoming the pioneer in the travel and tourism industry. At the event, the Managing Director of MKSC discussed the benefits and feedback of these green energy powered vehicles. 

From the company point of view, the car solely depends on solar energy to power its electric motor system, which eliminates the need for fuel. In addition to reducing this expense, maintenance costs have also reduced drastically with no breakdown over a period of months, which impact their overall running costs in a positive manner. Furthermore, the life span of electric cars is long and do not wear out easily.

From the customer point of view, these vehicles offer a great experience. This is because they are silent and do not emit noise or smoke, which clients prefer during game drives. They are able to approach wildlife without disturbing them.

Overall, the number of cars that enter Serengeti everyday during peak season is 350 vehicles while it is 90 vehicles per day during low season. Based on these figures, the Chief Warden of the park has noted that going electric will improve our future on many grounds. 

Enter the era of full electric

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