Revolutionizing the tourism industry in Tanzania

A revolution in the way safari's in the future will be experienced. Going electric will reduce the environmental impact and prove cost effective for tour operators, while maintaining the vehicles functionality. Going on safari will prove to truly be a more immersive experience, and witness the great spectacles that nature has to offer.

Why Electric Safari Vehicles

Are the Next Revolution

Easy to Operate

Driving an electric vehicle is remarkably simple, smooth, and quiet. Simply press the ON button to begin driving.

Safari Experience

Complete silent propulsion allows you to travel in denser and sensitive areas, getting closer to the wildlife.

Robust Reliability

Vehicles are both water and dust resistant, with the ability to run 4-wheel drive in any terrain with increased power and torque.

Fast Charging

Rapid, fully automatic, and reliable charging lets you stay on track with your schedule.

Operational Costs

Improved equity and cash flow, as well as decreased financial and maintenance costs, support the operations.

Future Standard

The path to sustainable tourism is paved with e-mobility. E-Motion will help you handle the technical transformation safely.
Give your clients

Enter the era of full electric

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