Paving the road steps by step towards a sustainable future of mobility in Tanzania.

E-Motion is born. Hanspaul, Gadgetronix and Carwatt join forces to rewrite the future of mobility in Tanzania.

September 2018

After a successful R&D for the Landcruiser series 70, E-motion retrofits the first fleet of Electric vehicles for Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club (MKSC)

January 2019

Arusha Technical College becomes E-motion´s educational partner. The main aim is to build new skills towards a sustainable future. 

April 2020

Miracle Experience, one of the major Balloon Safari companies in Tanzania, take the first step towards sustainable tourism.

April 2021

To reach the first 10 retrofitted e-safari car milestone in Tanzania.

February 2022

To launch 10 charging points between Arusha and Serengeti National Park.

June 2022

Research and development of U-DART retrofit completed and ready for serial production

December 2022

Sales of the first commercial E-Moto in Tanzania at affordable prices and easy finance.

January 2023

Improvements in charging terminals technology allowing batteries to be charged in under 30 minutes.

July 2023

Install charging terminals at petrol stations across Tanzania where both fuel and electricity can be accessed.

February 2024

Sales of the first commercial E-Three Wheeler in Tanzania at affordable prices and easy finance.

April 2024
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