January 3, 2022
1 min.

Kibo Guides joins the sustainable effort

Kibo guides operate a number of properties across national parks in East Africa. Being one of the prominent tour companies, they have set examples in many areas such as level and style of service as well as conservation of the environment. 

For over 2 decades now, Kibo guides have been using solar energy to power their tents. This is a way to go greener and mitigate a negative impact on the climate. To go a step further in supporting this cause, the company has taken a plunge with giving E-Motion a car to retrofit. This project is still a work in progress as we currently work on the vehicle for Kibo Guides.

Enter the era of full electric

Play your part in making a positive change into the future.  Contact us if you have an old vehicle you want to convert and we will guide you.
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