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Renewable Energy

Battery System

We only used latest generation of high performance and durable batteries specially design for automobiles.

Electric Motor

The gasoline engine of your old car is replaced by an electric motor which gets its power from a controller.

On Board Charger

The onboard charger converts the AC power into DC energy so that it can be stored in the battery.

Retrofit Specs


Lithium NMC battery pack
Automotive Design*
Nominal Voltage
360 VCD
Electric Capacity
36 kWh - 100 kWh
Operating Temp
-25ºC / 45ºC
393 kg (Standard Vehicle)
Operating Temp
590 kg (Long Range Vehicle)
Safety Devices
Included in casing
*Lifetime over 3000 cycles of full charge-discharge

Drive Motor

Lithium NMC battery pack
Continuous Power
60 kW
Continuous Torque
Peak Power
110 kW
Peak Torque
240 Nm
Operating Temp
-40°C / 70 °C
56 kg
IP Protection Class
Water Cooled Motor and Inverter

On-Board Charger

Charge Power
3.5kW @ 16A (Standard)
7kW @ 32A (Accelerated)
Operating Temp
-40°C / 85°C ≤
IP Protection Class
IP67 (Waterproof & Dust proof)
Integrated Liquid Cooling

Charging Time

Battery Capacity
3.5 kW
7  kW
22 kW
50 kW
36 kWh
50 kWh
100 kWh

Driving Range

120 km to 350 km +
Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions and concerns?

Retrofitting will eliminate the maintenance and fuel costs completely stabilizing your fixed monthly cost.

E-Motion fits in high-tech monitoring equipment that allows the driver to see the current state of charge and remaining range so that he can schedule his trip comfortably. You may also opt for an onboard battery pack for emergencies.

The vehicles are powered by a high-capacity motor, and the 4WD system performs similarly to a diesel engine. However, if you are trapped for an extended period, your range will be limited, same way you would consume more fuel.

Yes, all of the electrical components are protected by IP67 waterproof enclosures. In addition, the electric motor is dust and water-resistant.

E-motion has successfully engineered Landcruiser 70 Series. R&D for Landrovers is currently underway, and we should be ready for Landrover fans shortly. We are hard at work transforming the bulk of 4x4 and utility vehicles. Our website will be updated with new items and enhancements.

The car takes approximately 4-8 hours to completely charge.

The vehicle's range can vary, but the 55 kilowatt-hour battery pack should provide between 50 and 300 kilometers of range per full charge. While on safari, one must also consider the landscape as well as the obstacles they might encounter.

The only maintenance needed is to check the cooling system every six months and the torque setting on the motor, all of which can be completed in under an hour.

All components are protected by a two-year limited warranty from E-Motion.